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Which season is the best for photo shoots on Samui?

5 Jul 2019
The answer to this question is the same as to “when the weather is good on Samui?”. It's pretty simple. Samui is always good, except during the rainy season it is pretty wet here. That is basically understandable. But for those who come to Samui for just a few days or weeks, it is better to choose a different period.

How does it feel to be a photographer on Samui?

2 Jul 2019
Returning to my thoughts at the moment when I bought my first camera, I understand that I didn’t even have an intention to become a commercial photographer. And even more so I could not imagine that I would live and work on a tropical island. C'est la vie and it's beautiful!

Photo shooting on yacht

5 Jun 2019
Why not combine a photo shoot with a romantic boat ride? Refreshing breeze, pleasant views, atmosphere of leisure, travel and adventure! And let the camera catch sincere delight and joy your smiles.

Photo school on Samui. Learning photography

13 May 2019
A lot of people ask me about training. Someone likes my style of shooting, and someone the way of photo editing. Since everyone has different experience and goals, I'd like to outline all possible options here and thereby to answer the majority of questions on this topic.

What is portfolio and why you might want it

12 May 2019
After all, everyone today has the opportunity to take pictures, each of us has its own portfolio - a family photo album. Basically, it's amateur photography reflecting the most vibrant, joyful, funny and unusual moments of our lives.

8 Ways To Hurt A Photographer

20 Nov 2018
The photographer, of course, must be friendly and understanding, while the client — on the contrary, is not obliged to understand the subject and is welcome to ask questions. But some situations are really difficult to tolerate, probably due to the fine mental organization and professional vanity of mine and my dear colleagues.

How to choose your photographer on Koh Samui?

11 Nov 2018
Going on a trip or preparing for an important event in your life you may want to hire a photographer. On the one hand, a photo shoot is a product that can be evaluated due to its technical parameters, but on the other hand, it is a service that largely depends on the personal characteristics of a contractor. Let's look at the main points that will help you to find your photographer.

How to prepare for a photo shoot?

14 Oct 2018
A professional photographer will definitely help you to prepare for the shooting, but in order for your initial conversation to be productive, even before you start looking for a photographer, ask yourself these couple of questions.

Location for shooting: Nathon City

6 Aug 2017
This is the oldest part of the city. Many buildings, narrow streets and an indescribable atmosphere of the Thai market. And, of course, the embankment and piers. On which you can meet the sunset or look at the departing ships.

Location for shooting: Mimosa Beach

5 Aug 2017
This beach looks very impressive. It is bounded on both sides by rocky shores. Azure water and a large number of palm trees. Just a few hotels and resorts for the whole beach give room for creativity. However, lately more and more people have started to learn about this beach, which makes it difficult to shoot in a tropical style.

Location for shooting: The Crab House

5 Aug 2017
Located high in the mountains, the Crab house looks like something incredible accomplished. Huge claws, incredible view from the mountains. It's all easily accessible and allows you to make incredible photos. In the same complex are the signs of the zodiac. 12 figures of all signs located in a circle, decorated with small ponds with flowering lotus.

Getting ready photos. When and how much

17 Dec 2015
It is only about shooting people. Processing portraits takes several times more time than architecture, landscapes, etc., since this is coupled with basic retouching. It includes all kinds of wrinkles, pimples, spots on clothes and skin, the correction of unsympathetic zones in the body shape, and unwanted items got into the shot.

How is the wedding photo shoot in Thailand?

13 Mar 2015
If before the culmination of the wedding was considered a registration in the registry office, and the "coolness" of the occasion was measured by the number of guests, but now the emphasis had shifted to emotional, romantic, creative and stylistic plane.

Not a dull wedding!

31 Jul 2010
Everyone imagine in mind own wedding as a real holiday - the day bright and happy. But often this day is realised inverse. Vanity, stress, organisational chores - that's true companions modern wedding. And with that we should fight

This post I open my blog

29 Jul 2010
I'll write here your thoughts, ideas... All I will come to mind.
Also I will throw in here photos from various events of which the portfolio will only include one or two photos. In short, welcome to my blog! :)