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Photo Tour on Koh Samui with PRO photographer

7 Feb 2019
Ordinary photo shoot is often restricted due to time, territory limits, etc. In order to eliminate these boundaries, I created a special package that allows you to enjoy the beautiful views of Koh Samui and get a lot of photos without being in hurry.

8 Ways To Hurt A Photographer

20 Nov 2018
The photographer, of course, must be friendly and understanding, while the client — on the contrary, is not obliged to understand the subject and is welcome to ask questions. But some situations are really difficult to tolerate, probably due to the fine mental organization and professional vanity of mine and my dear colleagues.

How to choose your photographer?

11 Nov 2018
Going on a trip or preparing for an important event in your life you may want to hire a photographer. On the one hand, a photo shoot is a product that can be evaluated due to its technical parameters, but on the other hand, it is a service that largely depends on the personal characteristics of a contractor. Let's look at the main points that will help you to find your photographer.

How to prepare for a photo shoot on Koh Samui?

14 Oct 2018
A professional photographer will definitely help you to prepare for the shooting, but in order for your initial conversation to be productive, even before you start looking for a photographer, ask yourself these couple of questions.

Location: Yacht

13 Aug 2017
Why not combine a photo shoot with a romantic boat ride? Refreshing breeze, pleasant views, atmosphere of leisure, travel and adventure! And let the camera catch sincere delight and joy your smiles.