Interior and real estate shoot packages

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If your income associated with the sale or lease of the premises, it is hardly possible to achieve high demand without high-quality, detailed and vibrant photo of the property. With the help of special methods of shooting and processing with the participation of Pro, your ads will provide a stable “wow-effect”, distinguishing you among competitors. It is the way to win a potential customer just at his first sight.

For shooting interiors, villas and any architectural project there are two packages:

  • Package of real estate shoot"Basic Real Estate"

    • entire day shoot
    • Post-processing of the best 20 photos
    20 000 thb
     16'000 ฿
    Retouch extra photo +600 thb / photo Contact and Order

    Shooting in the daytime will show all the room in natural light. Professional photography allows you to achieve impressive details even in dark portions of the interior. Pictures fully convey all the important architectural and design decisions using visual methods to transfer the feeling of comfort and spaciousness.

    With the help of postcorrection we reach the detailed views from the windows, remove unnecessary details, “garbage”, and if necessary, improve the condition of surfaces.

  • Package of real estate shoot"Extended Real Estate"

    • Entire day shooting
    • Post-processing of the best 40 photos
    40 000 thb
     26'000 ฿
    Retouch extra photo +400 thb / photo Contact and Order

    If your premises allow you to meet gorgeous sunsets and sunrises from the comfort of your bed, it is necessary to show in the pictures. Also very important advantage is the evening lighting and other designer lighting solutions. Often, night and evening shots can be much more fascinating and attractive to the human eye than daytime ones.

Processing of each photo supposed to undergo

  • color correction, including brightness and contrast of the interior
  • trapezoidal geometry alignment
  • the removal of the reflexes on the walls
  • “cleaning” of the surfaces
  • local contrast and sharpness on every detail of the interior
  • processing of dynamic range to display the information “outside the window”
  • adding pictures on television screens
  • removing of unnecessary details in the interior and outside

The procedure works like this

  1. I'm doing a shooting for you
  2. After 2-4 days of shooting, I prepare for you all the photos without editing and without any processing
  3. You select photos for processing
  4. Within 3-4 weeks after your selection, I give them to you with full treatment ready for use

Terms and conditions

  • Prices are quoted for Koh Samui island. For shooting in other destination apart from Koh Samui: Rates don't include travel & accommodation.
  • You get the photos in the format JPG. Return of material in other formats must be agreed with the photographer beforehand
  • Term for processing and retouching photos is 3-4 weeks after shooting. For wedding day term is 4-5 weeks after shooting.In this article I explain why, when and how many photos you will receive.
  • All photos taken by a photographer on copyright law, are part of its portfolio. Under conditions of confidentiality made by the photos, order value increases by 25%. Thats mean If you want to forbid me to publish photos in internet you should pay extra.
  • Booking is confirmed when the customer pays 10-20% of the total order amount.
  • The remaining amount must be paid in full on the day of the photo shoot or earlier
  • The price for the any job didn't include the providing of source RAW files. You may request them, but the price and possibility of providing will be discussed separately for each project.