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Big family photography. Venue: Koh Samui

1 Jun 2016
Many families come here during the holidays every year, and use this chance also to update their family photo archives. After all, if the family has young children, a year later, it will be quite not the same family as before.

Baby photosession on Samui. Mila, 1 year old

2 Aug 2015
Mila, fashion model from Dnepropetrovsk. When I made photo shoot - Mila had first birthday. Now, when people ask me whether it is possible to become a model at 14, 12, 9 years old, I can show these pictures and answer: "Yes please, begin from one year!"

Roman. Children photobook. 2 photo shoot

25 Jun 2014
I did for Roma two photo shoots. On 24th of April 2013 and 20th of April 2014. After these photo shoots, I decided to print all photos like of small photo books, and give for all mums, dads and grandparents :)