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He made us feel so comfortable and had such a fantastic eye for details Thank you Dimas!
  • The userpic of client, who leaves the review: Peggy Shum
    Dimas is a caring, energetic and artistic photographer. He checked my perference, costume and made the photo shoot a story telling process and customized one. He is gifted with camera eye and able to capture your best angle. It's my pleasure to work with him. His work brings back my memories and laughters of the amazing holiday.
  • The userpic of client, who leaves the review: Viva Young
    I was actually running a little late for our shoot, and Dimas was patient and kind to wait at my hostel to take me to a nearby beach. Dimas sure has a way of making a homebody girl feel like a super model. He instantly put me at ease and made the shoot comfortable, fun, and relaxing. I looked to him to guide me on certain poses, and he knew what worked for me. I trusted his judgement and artistic eye, and the results truly speak for themselves. I am immensely pleased with how the photographs came out. From start to end, he's a pro!
    I can't wait for the next time I visit Koh Samui and shoot with Dimas. You're wonderful.
  • The userpic of client, who leaves the review: Shaun Romy
    I had an amazing time shooting with Dimas in Koh Samui. I am so happy I was able to do a shoot with him 🌸🌺 He is such a lively, fun and warm person. I had to leave Koh Samui that day so I was pressed for time. We shot for about 1.5 hours. And we did 3 different looks in this time. He is really quick and spontaneous. His team was very sweet and fun as well. He asked me what type of pictures I wanted and what outfits I’ll be wearing. He immediately understood what I wanted and he gave me lots of inputs as well. And he also gave me a lots of tips through the shoot. It’s nice when you get instant feedback. It’s really amazing when you find a photographer who has the kind of insight like he does. So I feel lucky to have worked with him. And the photos are just amazing!! I just really want to say Thank you! so so much 😊😊😊😊😊 🌸🌺🌸🌺
  • The userpic of client, who leaves the review: Ilona Tatarinova
    Absolutely amazing experience having shoot with Dimas!!!! 🔥🔥🔥Was my second time already and definitely won’t be the last! Dima is very professional, very helpful and you feel so comfortable with him. And result you got you won’t expect t better. Trust me. It’s always the best part of you! New you ! Better you !!! Stunning pictures! Make you happy ! Thank you, Dima !!! And definitely see you next time 😋
  • The userpic of client, who leaves the review: Pamela Thein
    Dimas is not only a very patience and talented professional photographer. He is funny, gave great advices and making you most at ease while we are doing the photoshoot. Love his works, he really did chose the right places for both of my outfits. I thought I was about to receive all the pics in 3weeks time but in fact it came in earlier than I expected. Was so so happy that I had chose Dimas as my photographer in Samui, will definitely be Dimas if I will to travel to Samui for another photoshoot. Thank you so much Dimas for all the great photos
  • The userpic of client, who leaves the review: Marina Voronina
    Great experience with professional photographer Dimas Frolov! We did a photoshoot for my business project. And the photoshoot process was so easy and relaxing. Dimas was suggesting me the right photo poses, he is also was telling me some jokes. It's really helps to make photos naturally relaxed and joyful. The photos were well retouched, lighting was perfect. One of the best photographer I've ever worked with! Highly recommend!
  • The userpic of client, who leaves the review: Diana Azavedo
    Dimas is an extremely professional photographer for a keen eye for aesthetic beauty captured with ease on camera. I had the opportunity to work with him on a yoga shoot recently in Koh Samui. The theme was Yoga. I absolutely loved how the photos have turned out. He was patient and guided him carefully through each pose allowing it to be graceful and strong as the posture demanded. Excellent feedback. Highly recommended.
  • The userpic of client, who leaves the review: Ali Altammar
    On top of being a very talented photographer, Dimas was very friendly and immediately put me at ease during our shoot. The locations he took me to were spectacular and the end product was great!
  • The userpic of client, who leaves the review: Olga Kim
    Hi, Dimas is a very friendly professional focused on ensuring great outcome but also pleasant and enriching time during the shooting. I love the pictures that he made and enjoyed the process a lot too. His instructions were very precise and clear and it defenetly well reflected in the quality of pictures. I am looking forward to returning to Koh Samui and having a family shooting next time! Thank you so much!
  • The userpic of client, who leaves the review: Cassy Foster
    I just had a yoga retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand. I found Dimas via Google, looking for a photographer to shoots some professional photos of the retreat and teachers. He did an amazing job! If I go back I will hire him again.
  • The userpic of client, who leaves the review: Chesley Verbond
    We Found Dimas trough google and he had a spot left on our holiday to Kohsamui last august. He was kind and helpfull with the ideas for the shoot. The day of the shoot went relaxed and he gave my fiance and I directions during the shoot. We could't wait for the full 3 weeks so we stalked him a bit, but the end results made the wait worth.Pictures and memories for life and were glad that we piked the talented Dimas from kohsamui. We are truly in love with the pictures thank you!
  • The userpic of client, who leaves the review: Daria Shy
    I think everyone wants to bring beautiful photos from vacation. And with Samui all the more! There are such sandy beaches with azure water, a fairy tale! It was on Koh Samui that we went on our honey trip, naturally I took my wedding dress, I really wanted to capture our special trip. And for a long time, no, for a very long time we were looking for a photographer. . although it would seem that there are a lot of them in Tae, but .. there may be a lot of them, but I want the best! The best was found, Dmitry Frolov. Unfortunately, today he has already been booked shooting, but then we flew in again and finally met) Dmitry is a cool photographer! He can do love stories, street photography, boudoir, and just take a picture of you beautiful on a funky beach) and what juicy photos even if it's cloudy, and in my case it was like that, what beautiful colors came to ! I’m finicky, I love when saturated pictures, without filters, without “blurring”, without “autumn style plaque”, without zakofotoshoplenny washed skin, I love when the photo conveys lively emotions! I am satisfied with ALL of our shootings, and we already call Dmitry our family photographer) I almost forgot with him You will not sit stung and be afraid that you will not receive the finished photos, or that you will not receive them when (and there is any ), all photos will be received on time)
  • The userpic of client, who leaves the review: Wannapa Meechok
    Is was my first photographer and it coming out so perfect thank to you to make it so beautiful 💓
  • The userpic of client, who leaves the review: Vera Tornow
    There no words to explain how good his work is. WOW. Was a pleasure to work with him. Brilliant. THANK YOU!
  • The userpic of client, who leaves the review: Sahar Mati
    Do not hesitate to contact Dimas for the best photographs in Koh Samui. Big thank you for my pictures. / Sa from sweden

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