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Frequently asked questions about photo shootings

Who chooses the location for photo shooting on Koh Samui?

Ultimately, you do.

I spend a lot of time regularly on finding new places for you. Before the photo session we will discuss your wishes and I will offer you the best options.

Do you consider the time in the photo package in total?

No. The packages include a mere shooting time. Usually this is one hour for one location. So, I don't count time for movement between locations. And I advise you to take only one outfit for each location.

Do wedding packages have the same conditions with simple shootings?

No. Wedding packages have different conditions. You need to request data on the cost of the wedding here: Request enquiry for wedding shooting

How many people can be in the photoshoot on Samui?

As many as you like!

Well okay if it’s one hundred we may need to create a custom package for you.

Generally between 1 - 10 is fine.
It's also worth noting it takes a bit longer to get everyone in the picture with more than two people. Plus in a larger group, there are usually varying levels of enthusiasm for photoshoots.

Important: Package "Elopement" only works for 1-2 persons!

Do I need to book photo shooting date in advance?


Ideally 2 – 3 weeks but the more in advance you book, the better.

Can I change your photo packages?

Yes, you can.

Just tell me about your wishes and we will decide how to do best for you.

When and how do I get the photos?

In 3-4 weeks I will send you a link for download archive with all retouched photos.

This link should be opened by your laptop or computer. Because you need unpack archive before viewing photos. It's impossible to do it by smartphone.

Can you take pictures outside of Koh Samui?

All prices are quoted only for Koh Samui island.

Rates don't include travel & accommodation for shooting in other destination apart from Koh Samui.

But I never mind some traveling when it fits into my schedule.

Are the photos high resolution? What size?


They’re yours to share, love, print, frame and generally do whatever you like with.

In technical speak they’re 5700 pixels on the longest side, 300 dpi resolution, sRGB colour space, JPG-format.

Basically this means if you want to create some fabulous prints from them for your home (or even put them on a billboard), you can.

Could I have all the photos you have done?

Actually you will. I'll just delete duplicates, unclear and railed shots and ones with undesirable details.

What if I'm running late on the photo shooting?

You’ll have all my details so please let me know.

You should understand that I can have another shoot booked immediately after yours. If you arrive late some of your time may be forfeited.

You may also feel hot and bothered! Your photoshoot should be a meaningful capture of the essence of your trip. I recommend that if anything, you arrive early. Grab a drink, or have a wander around to soak in the atmosphere so you’re relaxed and ready to go.

What if it rains on the day of photo shooting?

If it’s raining, or the weather is generally a bit dull, the shoot is still on.

Umbrellas and moody skies can make for some fun, creative images. Trust me! Actually the weather on Koh Samui is unpredictable. And if we have rain in one side of island, another one can be dry and hot.

If the rain is more like a typhoon then obviously the shoot can’t go ahead – in this case I will do my best to reschedule it for the time convenient to you. Ideally as soon as possible if you are in your destination.

If this is difficult I will happily credit you the value of your package to be used within 12 months from the date of the missed shoot.

Will you share my photos?

By default, yes. If you prefer full confidentiality, it can be provided with increasing the whole order cost by 25%.

Are the photos mine?

Yes, absolutely.

They are yours to share, love, print, frame and generally do whatever you like with, for personal use.

Feel free to ask me any question: