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On this website you can get acquainted with my works in various genres. Wedding photos, advertising, children and family shooting and others. I love taking pictures of people. But people are used to seeing themselves in the mirror and can not see themselves as they are seen by others. This is the main reason for disappointment and dissatisfaction with photography for many of us.

My goal is to show you such as you feel you are. Find all the personal virtues and get to the very soul. At the same time photoshoot can be vivid, interesting and fun!

No, I'm not trying to say it's nothing.The work of photomodel isn’t easy at all! But it is also a special experience with the tangible result in the form of pictures.

The problem is that most people do not consider themselves to be photogenic, or say "I do not know how to pose." I hear that phrase at 90% of shootings.

All of my clients are normal people. It is completely my task and duty to make them feel relaxed and at the same time turn on the photo as a true model.