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Photo shoot with an elephant on Koh Samui

5 Jul 2019
In Thailand, the elephant is a sacred animal and a national symbol. At the same time, due to the huge tourist demand, these amazing animals are often kept in cramped conditions and subjected to ill-treatment.

Men poses for photoshoot. Tips from pro photographer

1 Jun 2019
Unlike women, most of men are not very keen on photo shoots. Often for them, the time spent in front of the camera is rather a challenge than an entertainment. During the photo shoot, the men can stay nervous and "closed". My main principle says: a relaxed man is a handsome man

Why is it important to get professional makeup for a photo shoot?

8 Feb 2019
A photo shoot is a good way to make your vacation memorable. And also it is a great way to see yourself a different way. Good result requires not only an experienced photographer, but also a carefully and harmoniously thought-out image with professional makeup.

Photo Tour on Koh Samui with PRO photographer

7 Feb 2019
Ordinary photo shoot is often restricted due to time, territory limits, etc. In order to eliminate these boundaries, I created a special package that allows you to enjoy the beautiful views of Koh Samui and get a lot of photos without being in hurry.

Yoga Photography on Koh Samui

13 Jan 2019
Koh Samui is a great destination for yoga fans. Despite the fact I personally can barely touch my toes i do work with local yoga retreats and their visitors a lot and this is my huge pleasure.

Wow Samui magazine. Issue 3

14 Aug 2016
I am pleased to present to you a photo shoot that I did for the 3rd issue of Chinese magazine "Wow Samui". The previous 2 covers were made in green and blue tones and this time editors decided to add bright red color.

Beach photo shoot on Samui

28 Jul 2015
Simple photoshoot for two hours. Natalia first time decided to participate in a photo shoot. We met and talked, we decided that as long as there is to show, you need to show :)

Photoshoot in an abandoned house

30 Jul 2010
This photo shoot I was already partially posted on their website and in contact... But to finish it only now got around. So here I show you 14 photos that crowned the photoshoot
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