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Post cover image: Men poses for photoshoot. Tips from pro photographer

Men poses for photoshoot. Tips from pro photographer

Date of publication: 01 Jun 2019 | Updated: 13 Nov 2019

Unlike women, most of men are not very keen on photo shoots. Often for them, the time spent in front of the camera is rather a challenge than an entertainment. During the men photo shoot, the men can stay nervous and "closed".

The task of the photographer is to appease the client and help him to emancipate himself. My main principle says, "a relaxed man is a handsome man."

"a relaxed man is a handsome man."

I encourage the guys to act naturally during the shooting, but I myself watch them and can point out when it gets “too much”: he stretched out too much, or the back is too straight, he leaned too much, etc.

Of course, there are poses tested and proven. Nice, if you save to your bookmarks what I'm going to share.

Hands position while standing:

  • One hand is in the pocket, the other is free.
  • Both hands in pockets.
  • Hands folded on the chest.
  • Both hands behind your back or in front of you (I use those extremely rarely, depending on the situation).
  • Life hacks:

    • If you shoot from below at a small angle, then the man will appear more courageous, massive and taller. Doesn't every gentleman want to look like that?
    • You can emphasize the figure by turning the torso on the professional photographer, and the hips, on the contrary, slightly turning away from the camera. At the same time, the arms can habitually hang along the body.
    • Pockets! A go-to option forever. You can put your hands in the pockets of your pants, leaving only your thumbs outside. Or, on the contrary, stick the thumbs in pockets, clenching the palms into fists outside.
    • If one hand is left in trousers, and the other is thrown over a jacket, with jacket or pullover over the shoulder and his legs crossed, the man looks natural and relaxed.

    About seated positions I want to say only that it is important to find a comfortable one. If you do not specifically focus attention, the man himself will settle down, and everything will go like clockwork.

    Did my tips help you? Share your observations.

photo: Dimas Frolov
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Portrait photographer based on Samui, Thailand.
Originally from Ukraine, he has over 15 years of photography experience taking pictures around Europe and Asia. Multi-Award winner and author of many articles about photography.
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