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Post cover image: Makeup Tips for Hot Weather Photo Shoots. Samui

Makeup Tips for Hot Weather Photo Shoots. Samui

Date of publication: 07 Aug 2023

The tropical climate of Samui Island has some unique features that inevitably influence the state of makeup. High humidity and heat are a challenge for any makeup. However, by following some simple recommendations, one can achieve a durable and perfect makeup even in such conditions. Here are some makeup tips for portrait photoshoots in hot weather.

Preparation Stage. Applying Makeup

1. Air-Conditioned Room

It's best to apply makeup in a well-air-conditioned room. This will not only prevent sweating but also ensure comfort when applying makeup.

2. Skin Moisturizing

Before starting to apply makeup, make sure your skin is well-moisturized. This will help prevent flaking and make it easier to apply foundation evenly.

For optimal results, start the moisturizing procedure 20-30 minutes before applying the foundation. This will allow the moisturizer to fully absorb and prepare the skin for the further makeup stages. If you have dry skin, you might need more time for the cream to absorb, so adjust the timing according to your skin's needs.

3. Durable Products

Choose water-resistant products for the eyes and face. They are designed to provide long-wear, even in conditions of high humidity, heat, or activity throughout the day. These products often have a water-resistant formula that prevents makeup "melting", smudging or flaking.

4. Thin Layer of Foundation

A thin base allows the skin to breathe and also reduces the chance that the makeup will "run" due to heat. I use an airbrush.

Airbrush is a tool that uses compressed air to spray foundation or other makeup products onto the skin, creating an incredibly thin and even coverage.

It provides very durable coverage, effectively camouflaging skin imperfections and evening out its tone. However, for daily use, it might not be entirely suitable as it's not easy to apply on your own and has a relatively high cost.

5. Let the Foundation Dry

After applying the foundation, let it dry thoroughly before applying powder. This will fix the base and prolong the durability of the makeup. It takes from 3 to 5 minutes, but gives a huge effect, especially when using a liquid or cream base. When using an airbrush, the drying process may take less time, as the product is sprayed in a very thin layer.

6. Setting Spray

In addition, after completing the entire process, I recommend "fixing" the makeup with a translucent (transparent) powder or a special setting spray to further enhance its durability, especially in hot and humid weather conditions.

7. Minimum Glitter

Avoid excessive use of glitter or shimmer products for the face, especially if you have oily skin type.

In hot weather conditions, sebaceous glands activity increases, and the skin can over time acquire excessive shine. Adding additional sparkling means can make the appearance of the skin even more shiny, which may not look flattering in photos. Therefore, it's better to approach the choice of such products consciously and moderately.

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Makeup in Heat: Tips during the Photoshoot

Makeup Tips for Hot Weather Photo Shoots. Samui. photographer Dimas Frolov photo 2060
Photo by Samui Photographer - Dimas Frolov
You've prepared thoroughly and arrived at the shooting location. It's important not only to create the perfect image but also to maintain it throughout the entire photoshoot. What is important to remember during the shooting and how to ensure the flawlessness of your makeup till the end?

8. Regular Check up

Even the most durable makeup may require adjustments. Time-per-time check your look, especially after active and dynamic moments of the shoot. Regularly consult with the photographer. They might notice details that you might have missed and suggest where adjustments are required.

9. Touch-ups during the Photoshoot

Special mattifying wipes and powder will be your best friends during the photoshoot, allowing quick and easy makeup correction. They will be your salvation if the skin starts to shine. Quickly and delicately absorbing oil, they will help maintain a matte finish without disrupting the makeup base.

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10. Shade and Air Conditioning

Being under direct sunlight can have a negative effect on your makeup. If possible, prefer places in the shade or under an umbrella. This will help reduce the impact of direct sun rays on the skin and makeup.

If there's an opportunity to periodically cool off under air conditioning – use it during breaks between the stages of shooting. Even a few minutes in a cool room (car) can help refresh the skin and makeup. A fan can also be handy for quick cooling.

There are also many refreshing sprays for the face, which will help moisturize the skin, give it freshness and fix the makeup.

11. Sunscreen

When conducting a photoshoot on a sunny beach, it's important to remember not only about beauty but also about the health of your skin. Makeup, especially if it contains sun protection filters, really contributes to additional protection of the facial skin from ultraviolet rays. However, other exposed parts of the body remain vulnerable and can easily get sunburned.

Apply a high SPF sunscreen to all exposed parts of the body, not forgetting about the neck, ears, hands, and legs. On Samui, I recommend using SPF 50+. Even when it's cloudy, UV rays are very aggressive in equatorial zones. Reapply the cream every 2-3 hours, and also after swimming or intensive sweating.

12. Optimal Time for Photoshoot

The best time for an outdoor photoshoot is sunrise or sunset. At these times, the light is softer and not so fierce, creating ideal conditions for professional shooting. Besides, morning and evening coolness reduces the risk that makeup will start to melt. Thus, the makeup will last longer and look perfect on the skin.

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By following the advice mentioned above, you will not only create an unparalleled look for your photoshoot on the picturesque island of Samui but also ensure the durability and flawlessness of your makeup throughout the day. Correctly chosen and applied cosmetics resist heat and humidity, allowing you to feel confident and comfortable. Your efforts in preparation will be rewarded with bright, professional photos in which your look will be perfect!

Perhaps professional makeup instead?

Despite all the tips and recommendations, if you have the opportunity, I strongly recommend turning to a professional makeup artist to create your look and prepare for the photoshoot. Professionals not only have experience and skill but also access to specialized tools that can be especially effective under certain climatic conditions.

When traveling to such exotic places as Samui, even if you have personal cosmetics with you, consider that local makeup artists know the specifics of the island's hot and humid climate. They are the ones who can suggest products that have been specially designed or chosen for use under such conditions, providing the perfect balance of durability and comfort. This ensures that your makeup will look flawless throughout the portrait photoshoots, and your photos will become unforgettable!

photo: Lana Shnek
About the Author

Professional Makeup Artist and Hairdresser

Living and working in Samui since 2017. She has been in the beauty industry for over 15 years. During this time, she became a champion of Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia, and also represented her country in European competitions and World Hairdressing Championships.

She specializes in creating wedding images, romantic hairstyles, and professional makeup for photoshoots and evening events. Lana has experience working with various skin types and nationalities, guaranteeing the durability of makeup and hairstyle under any weather conditions, be it heat or cold.

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