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  • My partner and I had the privilege of having Dimas take us for a proposal photo shoot in Koh Samui. We enjoyed it so much that we went for another photo shoot the next day! Dimas is a very talented photographer and he has a relaxed and funny personality to put you at ease and create some very special photos. I would highly recommend Dimas as a photographer!
    15th September, 2019
  • We chose Dimas for our engagement shoot while vacationing in Thailand, mostly based on reviews. Reviews were spot on - we absolutely loved both our experience on the day of shooting and our pictures! He is very easy-going, guided us while still allowing for spontaneity and natural photos, and we loved his perspective/angles. Absolutely recommend him.
    31th August, 2019
  • We did a full day engagement shoot with Dimas while we were in Samui for 3 days and had such a great time. Not only did he get amazing shots of us, but he showed us so many beautiful spots around the island that we otherwise may not have found. It was like having our own professional photographer and tour guide in one! We were not used to the scorching 40 degrees heat, but Dimas made sure we were comfortable and had a good time. Our family and friends adore our photos and we get compliments all the time! 😊
    10th July, 2019
  • Thank you so much Dimas for the lovely photoshoot, We enjoyed it very much ,All the pictures are amazing ! I m in love with your photography and of-course the pictures 😀 Looking forward to shoot again with you soon .
    11th January, 2019
  • We had an enjoyable photo session with Dimas. I am not a photogenic person and somehow get a little nervous when I see the camera. Dimas was very professional and a real artist. He learnt our face; put us at ease and taught us how to pose to look perfect. We turned out had a lot of fun during the photo shooting. Thanks again Dimas!
    3th January, 2019
  • Dimas made our Samui holiday even more memorable, extremely professional, fun, entertaining, he knows all the great spots, not to mention the quality of his work including editing is superb. We are really happy we took time to research and find Dimas before going to Koh Samui. Would highly recommend you get a package with the car as you get to see more of the quieter side of the island where tourists don't normally go, and get your own tour guide for the day :)
    3th November, 2018
  • My fiancé and I had our pictures done by Dimas and we love everything about it. The wait wasn’t that long to come back to us. We lived in America and it was not hard to keep contact. Dimas answers right away and very on top of things. He shows us how to pose since it was our first time taking professional pictures. He made us feel very comfortable. We enjoy having him and I will recommend him to everyone! He was perfect and professional. A few of my favorites!! 10 ⭐️ experience!!
    23th October, 2018
  • Words cannot describe how happy we are to receive our incredible photos by Dimas. We booked Dimas for half day shooting session and we love the result. Dimas is friendly, helpful, funny and very responsive. He is a caring, energetic, artistic and very professional photographer. He is gifted with camera eye and able to capture your best angle. He helped to pick the shooting locations quickly with his great understanding of Koh Samui. He made us feel comfortable and enjoy a lot during the shooting! He also retouched all photos! All photos are so beautiful!! Thanks Dimas...we love your work!! I Strongly recommend to pick Dimas for photo-shooting in Koh Samui.
    9th October, 2018
  • First off, thank you for doing such a wonderful job and capturing such a special moment in our lives. On our honeymoon to Koh Samui, we were lucky enough to find and hire Dimas Frolov Photography for a photoshoot. Overall, he produced magnificent images which reflect his creative abilities and technical expertise. Further, he was extremely easy to work with and communicate from the beginning of the process (inquiry, prices, etc) to the end (actual photoshoot, image delivery, etc). I highly recommend Dimas for any photography needs in Koh Samui!
    9th October, 2018
  • Dimas is very talented and the shots he took for our honeymoon shoot was amazing as we say in wales. They was LUSH <3 great person He knows where to go and was very flexible and got some amazing shots we loved it in "Dusit Dhewa - Samui Cultural Center. We can’t thank you Dimas enough for giving us pictures that we will cherish for the rest of our life <3 Thanks Dimas and if anyone is interested in booking a photographer in Koh Samui don’t look anywhere else just book Dimas The best photographer 👍 Mark Dimas 5 Gold stars
    3th August, 2018
  • The best photographer... Dimas is exceptionally talented and the shots he took for our pre wedding shoot had our family and friends wowing at our wedding reception we were impressed with his work and his friendliness he is such a great person He knew where to go and was very flexible and got some amazing shots We can’t thank you Dimas enough for giving us pictures that we will cherish for our entire life If we could give him more marks then 5 we will Thanks Dimas and if anyone is interested in booking a photographer in Koh Samui don’t look anywhere else just book Dimas
    13th July, 2018
  • This is our first time doing a photo shoot and it was clear we do not know what to expect or what to do. However when you have a photographer who can put your at ease with his jokes, direct you and tell you what you need to do, give advises and input without sounding condescending or pushy, then clearly you have a winner here and his name is Dimas. From the beginning to the end, Dimas brought us to many different and beautiful locations and we were not only amazed by the view, but we are also amazed by how well he managed to bring all the shots to life. We were waiting anxiously for the pictures and he did not disappoint. We are so happy over it! If you are looking for photoshoots, be it, pre-wedding, wedding in Samui, personal, etc. he's THE MAN you should go to!
    3th July, 2018
  • We cannot describe how happy we are to receive our amazing photos from Dimas. We highly recommend Dimas, he is a fantastic, amazing and very professional photographer. He made our photoshoot very fun and relaxed. Thank you so much.
    23th June, 2018
  • Very professional and caring. Dimas knows all the isolated places for the best pictures. He puts alot of energy to take the best pictures and we are happy with the results. Highly recommended
    22th June, 2018
  • Julia and I would thoroughly recommend Dimas to any couple wanting to capture a moment in time that celebrates their love whilst staying on Koh Samui. So why would we make such a bold claim? 1. Dimas listened and acted upon all our requests for this photo-shoot. 2. He did not try to upsell us in any way. 3. His knowledge of many private locations on the west side of Samui was perfect for such photography. 4. He knew exactly how to use the available light for these locations for its best advantage. 5. His command of English was good and his directions were clear and pleasant. 6. He charged what he quoted 7. He delivered our images before the promised date. However, the artistic quality contained in so many of his images was truly wonderful. We wanted better than selfies or a fellow resort guest taking happy-snaps! We are a couple that were looking for maturity in the creative aspects of this shoot. This quality was born out in the locations, the angles, the suggested poses and expressions, etc all the while the good banter put us totally at ease. If you put your trust in Dimas I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. We are absolutely delighted with the memories that Dimas captured for us Cheers Steve
    31th may, 2018

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