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  • Dimas responds quickly and did our photo session on a last moment's notice. We loved the pictures he sent us and would highly recommend him.
    31th August, 2019
  • Great photographer, great photos!!! We recently had a family vacation in Koh Samui and asked Dimas to do a family shoot. It was a great experience and the photos absolutely brilliant. We had been talking about doing something like this for a while but were unsure. Now we are so happy that we chose to go ahead. Dimas is funny, a great photographer, and all-round great guy. If you are in Samui and wish to capture some memorable moments drop him a line.
    15th April, 2019
  • Dimas has been photographing our family for the past 4 years. He’s always been incredibly patient with us and makes sure we get all the shots we want. His photos are fantastic and I have no hesitation recommending his services!
    2nd April, 2019
  • Amazing Photos... He is the Best for Family Photo Shooting. Thanks Dimas for your nice pictures.
    24th March, 2019
  • Awesome work! Dimas was able to put our 2 yo at ease and the pregnancy shooting looked really good. Highly recommended to immortalise family moments in Koh Samui!
    13th February, 2019
  • We just received our pictures and they are absolutely amazing! Dimas was very professional and very pleasant to work with. He captured many great shots of our family. I’m so happy that I decided to do this shooting. They are the best pictures we’ve ever had. Highly recommend!
    19th January, 2019
  • We are so happy with the photos taken by Dimas of 3 generations of our family! I would say, these are the best photographs we have had taken anywhere! As others have said, he is comfortable to work with, at ease, funny, friendly, and brings the best out of his clients, which result in the genuine smiles and emotions evident in the pics. "Wow" and "magazine-like photos" are the most common reactions we have received from our friends. Top recommendation for this gentleman, and something to treasure forever.
    19th January, 2019
  • Hi just to say I did some pictures on the beach with Dimas. I was more than happy while we took the pics, but I was astonished by the outcome. The pics are very nice, all my family is so happy ! I wish to say Dimas was so talented despite our baby cried a lot, still Dimas managed to do very nice pics. Thanks again, I will keep those pics all my life !!!
    8th January, 2019
  • Thank you so much for the stunning photos of my family. You were very friendly and even managed to get my very shy son to open up and smile. You bring a lot of energy and helpful advice. You captured some beautiful images of our wonderful holiday in Thailand.
    3th September, 2018
  • We celebrated our 10th anniversary in Koh Samui and wanted to take pictures as a memory. The choice happened to Dimas when we saw that he had taken many nice natural pictures of others. must say we did not regret a second of the choice! Dimas is punctual, nice and very good with children. He was patient and took very natural pictures. He listened to what we wanted and got the most amazing moments! highly recommended!
    19th July, 2018
  • Dimas is a calm and chilled photographer! He has a good eye for the perfect shot! Arriving on time! Efficient and patient! Amiable and flexible! Our family shoot was really great! Loved the photos!!! Thank you, Dimas! Greatly appreciated! You are a gem!
    31th may, 2018
  • I asked Dimas to coordinate first photo shooting on our anniversary. He is a passionate and professional photographer so we had a fun time. His photograph delights us so much.
    1th April, 2018
  • Dimas, thanks a lot for your professionalism and passion you are doing your job, it was such a pleasure to have great photo session. The photos are wonderful and more important there are great memories impressed.
    14th February, 2018
  • Dimas is a very baby friendly photographer. It was not easy to take photographs for our 4 month old baby who constantly cried but he was so fun and patient to capture the precious moments when she had big smiles. Dimas is professional and on time. We went to Samui for a Christmas holiday and brought back good memories, including the beautiful family photos that he took for us. I highly recommend him.
    8th January, 2018
  • We had a beautiful, fun photoshoot with Dimas last august 2017 on one of the most fun vacations we had in Thailand_Koh Samui! Dimas we cant Thank you enough for the beautiful photos, the lovely experience and definetly you made it so memorable. We highlighy recommend everyone to book a session with Dimas and save the happy memories on a nice album like we did?
    3th January, 2018

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