What is pre-wedding photography?

When a couple arranges a photo shoot after the engagement, but before their own wedding, in Europe and America it is called “engagement shoot” in Asia — “pre-wedding”. The attitude of people to this type of shoot is also radically different, and I understand it perfectly, but I would like to touch on a number of points to show you that it's not about whether you want it or not”. Waste of time and money? Hell, yeah. But let's see what you get in return.

Why do we need engagement photography?

First of all, because in this shoot you can develop a common language with the photographer, especially if it is the same photographer you hired to shoot your wedding day. You will be able to understand the style of his work and whether it suits you. Engagement shoots are often held in casual outfits and in the same mood. The bonus of this photo shoot are of course photos taken at the peak of your relationship. And if the marriage proposal was made recently, to capture the love story in photos is much easier.

Pre-wedding photography allows more freedom and creativity

I want to return to the moment that in Asia this kind of filming is called more often Pre-wedding shoots. But difference is not only in the title. In contrast to the engagement ones, pre-wedding are often done in wedding outfits. With that, the couple can "try on" a completely different images and styles. In my experience, there were both black and rainbow wedding dresses. And red, yellow and purple come across often enough.

Also, this allows you to approach the shoot more globally. And if in engagement shoot the main mood is the ease and carefree love relationships, in wedding dresses any shoot adds elegance and luxury.

The outfits for the shoot

At the pre-wedding shoot you can wear a dress with a 3 meter trail, and you can climb a tree or a rock in it. Even swim in that dress. I don't mean that the purpose of such shoot to make the most insane photos, but this gives you the opportunity to be creative and to create a truly unique and incredible footage.

One of the options for pre-wedding filming is the use of traditional wedding dresses from different countries. For example, making a pre-wedding shoot on Koh Samui, we often use the national Thai outfits.

So, you have decided that you want to make such a shot.

How to prepare for a pre-wedding or engagement photo shoot?

It seems that there is nothing complicated and maybe even no need to prepare at all. But if you think about it, you'll know it's not. When preparing to shoot you need to take into account many small nuances that I will make for you in a small list.

Checklist for pre-wedding photography.

1. Search for a photographer

No matter how banal, but it is desirable to make one of the first points. After all, the photographer will help you organize and prompt solutions for almost all other items. And the two most important points when choosing a photographer is his portfolio and how it suits you as a person. Of course it the budget of the photographer is important. But the most important thing is that you find a common language with the photographer and he worked in the style that you like. More details about the choice of the photographer in my article "How to choose a photographer".

2. Think over and prepare your ideas

Of course, contacting a professional, you can find a huge number of options about what can be a photo shoot, styles. But the photographer can not get to your head and find out what you see as your perfect photo shoot. More importantly, the photographer doesn't know you or your personality. No matter how much you make friends with him during the preparation, only you and your partner know your personal jokes, things, love moments. It is these moments that will bring to your photo shoot the very uniqueness that you want to tell your story in photos. I have prepared for you the exact list of questions that will help you prepare for the shoot in my article “How to prepare for a photo shoot on Koh Samui?”

3. Meet the photographer

Yes, this meeting will give you a lot more than hours of conversations in various messengers and e-mails. But if personal communication is impossible, the Internet allows you to fix it, wherever you are.

4. Choose the best time to shoot

The Internet is constantly replicating the information that the best time to shoot it's sunset. I agree with this statement, but only partially. This is primarily due to the peculiarities of Samui. Sunset time in tropical Equatorial latitudes is very transient. I.e. the “sunset” lasts only 10-20 minutes. Then comes complete darkness. And here's another point. To obtain the photos of azure water is necessary to the sun was high. Otherwise, the sun's light will be reflected in the water and the sea will be gray. So these photos are from approximately 10am to 3pm. If you have a clear understanding of what effect you want to get, voice these ideas to the photographer and he will offer you the exact time for such shoot.

5. Do not forget about simple tips and tricks to look perfect

And I'm not just about makeup and hair. Plan your sleep and meals. The night before shoot at the bar with friends can affect very badly on your appearance and main condition. Go to bed on time and do not drink much water. On the other hand, do not avoid drinking water at all. Lack of water can also affect the freshness of your face.

6. Good luck!

Choosing a good photographer, you will not worry about anything. And even without any experience, you will have a great time, and at the same time see the places that you would not have found with guides. Because photographers know and seek out specially the most photogenic and beautiful locations.