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  • Let's do a romantic photo session. The reasons for this kind of shooting can be your engagement or just a trip together. It isn't easy to take selfies together, so better to use professional services. As a professional photographer, I will help and tell you how to pose and what to do during a photo shooting. I will select beautiful places for you and help you with style and ideas.
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Honeymoon and love story shooting

One of the right decision what newlywed can make is don’t spend money for big wedding and reception with hundreds of guests, but go to honeymoon trip to some tropical direction.

If you like chill relaxing, then look at Koh Samui island in Thailand.

Except pretty nice beaches and diving you will have chance to visit SPA, ride on the elephants and see beautiful Thai temples.

If you visited a tropical country and didn't bring nice photos that is bad idea.

Of course, if you don’t have enough budget for professional photographer on Koh Samui, then you will use only your smartphones for taking honeymoon photos.

But if you decide come to use professional photographer, then, you absolutely will not regret. 

Here you can see examples of my photography of other couples which have honeymoon photo shootings on Koh Samui with me.

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