Beach bikini & lingerie shoots

Visit Koh Samui and don't do a photo shoot on the beach is can be considered as a big mistake. Everyone impresses of Koh Samui without exception. Some people are of course satisfied with photos from their smartphones, but when you want good quality photos on the beach, it is better to find a professional photographer.

Individual photos on the beach in a swimsuit is a posing kind of photo shoot. It is very important to feel confident and sexy. As a photographer, I tell models how to pose for geting a excelent result. You do not need to worry and be shy, because my main goal is to correctly guide you, so that you relax and feel comfortable.

Koh Samui beaches are very diverse, a lot of articles have been written about them on the amount blogger's sites. I know all the possible options and tell you those beaches where more than 5 people on the entire beach will already be a crowd, because usually there is generally no one. No one will embarrass you and stare, so the photo shoot will take place in a state of complete enjoyment of the entire process of shoot.