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Post cover image: Why is it important to get professional makeup for a photo shoot?

Why is it important to get professional makeup for a photo shoot?

Date of publication: 08 Feb 2019

A photo shoot is a good way to make your vacation memorable. And also it is a great way to see yourself a different way. Good result requires not only an experienced photographer, but also a carefully and harmoniously thought-out image with professional makeup.

Makeup? I'll do it myself!

There is an opinion that it is no need in professional, every girls is able to paint on her face. But many do not know that the makeup that you do yourself every day, will look differently on the photo. Most often it is as if you don't wear any makeup whatsoever.

The face appears flat, but vrinkles, pimples, vessels and dark circles can appear as if they were multiplied by 5. Detailing modern cameras allows you to see everything, even the smallest details, in every picture.

Let's see why it is necessary to contact a professional.

How do you see yourself

Why is it important to get professional makeup for a photo shoot?. photographer Dimas Frolov photo 1573
Photo by Samui Photographer - Dimas Frolov

You can only see yourself in the mirror. But people around see us “from all angles", "from all sides".

In addition, doing your makeup every day, you do not take into account changes in your color-type, change of the corners of the lips and eyes, in the oval of the face and the current state of the skin.

The makeup artist sees you here and now and will take into account the condition of the skin and your image for a photo shoot.

The purposes of makeup

The main purpose of the makeup is not just to make your lips and eyelids different color and conceal the blemishes. It's only a bonus.

The main objectives of professional makeup are:

  • to correct the sagging eyelid
  • adjust the effect of wide-set or close-set eyes
  • create the effect of more voluminous lips or vice versa, to narrow them
  • to simulate a perfect oval face
  • to emphasize the pattern of light and shadow
  • If necessary, apply lifting gel to "lift" the skin
  • to properly apply the highlighter to make the face glow
  • to fasten the makeup

And, of course, a professional can suggest, what style is more suitable to your image and to your outfits for shooting!

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Natural makeup for photo shoot

Separately, we must say about the natural makeup.

Looking naturally does not mean wearing no makeup.

Oddly enough, natural makeup is one of the most difficult types of makeup to perform!

It is much easier to draw a bright make-up for a model photo shoot than gently and accurately emphasize your strong sides and hide flaws, if you think there are any.

Facial contouring is very important, a professional knows where to apply dark shades, and where to highlight. In the photo, the face will look natural, fresh and even younger.

Professional makeup artist on Koh Samui

A professional is a person engaged in their business constantly. Which means he's always on the move. She knows:

  • technical requirements of the place of shooting and how it affects the makeup
  • how to make the makeup resistant to heat, moisture, etc.
  • how will the light go during the photo session, in which point it will strengthen or, conversely, weaken the relief and shades
  • and of course, takes into account fashion trends


Why is it important to get professional makeup for a photo shoot?. photographer Dimas Frolov photo 1574
Photo by Samui Photographer - Dimas Frolov

Another important fact – special professional cosmetics. High-quality makeup for photo shoots can be done only with good cosmetics.

I recommend the world famous brands of professional cosmetics: MAC, Makeup Forever, Smashbox, Inglot.

Professional shadows have a more saturated color pigment, the makeup artist always applies a special base, and these are different bases for the eyes, for the face and even for the lips.

As well as fixing the spray after applying makeup. As a result, cosmetics lasts much longer, especially in a humid and hot climate like on Koh Samui.


The same applies to your hairstyle.

A common misconception is "I'll use more hairspray and everything will be fine”

On the contrary, the excess hairspray will only aggravate the hair and the curls will fall faster. It is important the quality of product, not it's strenght number. But that is a topic for another article.

Stages of professional makeup

  • Preparation. Age, skin type and facial hair growth are characteristics beyond a woman's control. But thankfully, we can use the tweezers.
  • Primer. It provides 80% of a perfect result, aligning all layers of the makeup with skin.
  • Correction. At this stage, we create a simulation of the face relief. It requires some experience, but the result will be stunning.
  • Fixation. Make-up should be fixed with powder, which will also give the skin a matte finish.
  • Eye design. First you need to adjust the shape of the eyebrows, then apply the eye shadow and use eyeliner or contour. The final touch is mascara. And make-up artist uses special individual false eyelashes that look natural, not eyelashes on the tape, which give away the presence of makeup artist.
  • Lip design. Pencil to designate the desired contour, and then apply lipstick.
  • Blush application. With blush, you adjust the brightness, the intensity of the makeup.

Each stage requires special skills and knowledge, these are topics for individual articles and reasons for constant training.

Photoshop can fix everything!

Can I not do makeup, because the photographer will fix everything in photoshop?

It's kind of easy to remove a few pimples on the computer, isn't it?

Make your makeup on the computer is also possible.


But it will take many hours! Just imagine that the photographer will have to ”create" you makeup on each photo.

Much more economical in time and money to make a real makeup with a professional makeup artist. And with a good make-up, absolutely all the pictures will please you and without special treatment!

photo: Katya Bulgakova
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Professional makeup artist and hair stylist with 20+ years experience for television and for photo shootings. Currently based on Koh Samui.
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