Female poses for photo shoot. 10 tips for beginning photographer

Date of publication: 01 Jun 2019 | Updated: 13 Nov 2019

Is it a portrait photo shoot coming? Great! If you are on "this" side of the lens, you need to know what to do, how to guide a model and set the rhythm. Here are some helpful (in my opinion) observations on female posing in front of the camera.

  • Beauty is simplicity! Sometimes ordinary, at first glance, poses are just what you need. Let the model move her weight to the one leg, and see all the body curving into the nice S-shape.
  • Sometimes it is perfectly okay to leave your hands in a natural position. You can shove them in your pockets fully or partly.
  • Slender ladies look good with their arm raised up. It can emphasize the figure.
  • Let your model lean against the wall with her back, shoulder, hip or arm, — it doesn't matter. It's just a good way to make your model look natural and relaxed.
  • Ladies who have a long hair should definitely show off a point of their pride in motion. A quick turn of the head will blow the hair. Experiments with exposure at this point might come in handy.
  • By slightly leaning forward, women can present their curves in a very favorable perspective (if this is what they are seeking for).
  • The girl looking at you over her shoulder is the classic! Changing the angle, you will notice how interesting the portrait may look. A slightly exposed shoulder will give the picture sensuality. At the same time, a model's bare back may add some special mild eroticism to the shots.
  • A cup of hot chocolate in the lady's hands can make the whole atmosphere of the photo session warm and cordial. Get your model to a chair or sofa. Cover with a blanket, if it is appropriate.
  • What can be easier than sitting on the floor? One knee is lifted towards the chest, the other leg, also bent, lies on the ground. Pretty woman looks into the camera. Use different angles. The result might impress both of you.
  • Take a picture from below, get down to the ground, if you haven't done it yet. Let your model work with her hands, cross them, run them over her body or spread them out. A good option for shooting is to post up yourselves on the grass or among the flowers.

Has this list given you some new ideas? Please don't hesitate to share your experience; do you have some interesting thoughts on what is the best way of photographing our better halves?

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