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Post cover image: Work Permit Photo at Samui (or Passport photo)

Work Permit Photo at Samui (or Passport photo)

Date of publication: 06 Mar 2020 | Updated: 30 Oct 2020

It is easy to get a photo for the Work Permit (passport or visa) in Samui in several spots. I know two. Next to Tesco Chaweng at Good Photo and at the Lamai Kodak Photo Shop.

Please note that as a samui photographer, I DO NOT DO passport shoots. You can contact me when creative photography is required.

Where to find "photo for documents" in Chaweng?

The GoodPhoto Store is located right on the main road at "Samui Town Center".

Work Permit Photo at Samui (or Passport photo). photographer Dimas Frolov photo 1799
Photo by Samui Photographer - Dimas Frolov

Interesting detail, you can show up to the studio in shorts and a T-shirt. The guys will suggest you to apply in your photo a jacket/shirt/necktie etc so that you look appropriately in the document.

Where to get a photo for a work permit or a passport in Lamai?

On the main road, if you go from Lamai to Chaweng, you need to drive 500 meters past the beach street. The big yellow Kodak shop will be on the left.

Work Permit Photo at Samui (or Passport photo). photographer Dimas Frolov photo 1764
Photo by Samui Photographer - Dimas Frolov

They will also be able to edit a photo, add to it a suit jacket and so on.

Photo Requirements for Work Permit in Thailand

  • The photo size for a work permit in Thailand must be 4 x 6 cm.
  • Photo background for perk permit must be blue.
Don't get confused:
  • Photo for "Visa on Arrival" application is 4*6cm size with white background
  • Photo for "Tourist Visa" application form is 3.5*4.5cm size with white background
  • Photo for "Work permit" is 3*4cm size with blue background
Proofs you can see at the end of article as screenshots from application forms.

In the photo you must appear in a business attire. No hats and jewellery. Some establishments require a jacket and a tie. So most often the post-editing service (inserting your head into the suit) is already is included in the cost of the shoot.

By the way, Work Permit can only be issued if you have a Non-Immigrant Visa Type B

The cost of photography on documents

In different stores, the cost varies depending on the urgency and number of photos printed and is about 150-300 baht ($ 5-10 usd).

This cost includes:

  • the shooting itself
  • Editing (unless you are in business attire)
  • printing 4-6 photos of the desired size
photo: Dimas Frolov
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