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Post cover image: Are you interesting in collaboration shootings?

Are you interesting in collaboration shootings?

Date of publication: 14 Mar 2019

Free photo shoot?

Very often people believe that TFP is simply a slang term for free shooting. It is not quite same.

Let's see what it is. TFP is the abbreviation, which stands for Time for Prints. That is, it is assumed that the photographer and the model spend their time shooting and no one pays anyone anything. In fact, this is only partly true. When doing TFP the photographer and the model assume that the cost of their work is approximately equal and therefore if they had paid each other, then everyone would have remained on their own.

Wikipedia says a little bit about TFP-like collaboration which is quite interesting and at the end of the article, I will make a few comments.

Therefore, if you are not a professional model, and just looking for collaboration, a professional photographer might still expect you to "surprise” him with something. But if you just want to "get photos for free", I think that this is not an option.

Now that we've figured out that part I can answer the question about collaboration

 – Are you interesting in collaboration shootings?
 – Yes, of course I do!
The only one question. How you can surprise me?

If you have an interesting idea, accessories, or access to some closed place, this might absolutely work. There is another option when the photographer saw the model and he came up with some concept, which he would like to implement with this model, but then no one knows what's going on in the head of the photographer, as by the way, and any creative person.

By the way, often interesting ideas arise in the minds of people close to the photo art, like make-up artists, stylists, hairdressers. Then this person finds a photographer and offers him the idea to implement. They choose a model from among friends or arrange the casting and in the end conduct a photo session. But note that there was still an idea at the beginning, not a desire for free photos from a professional.

Again. If you are a makeup artist, hairdresser, or just a professional model – please text us, call us, share your ideas, thoughts, and desires. If the idea is worthwhile, then I would be happy to such a proposal. If someone rejects it, do not lose confidence, because there are many photographers who will agree to your terms, you just have to try.

Refinement of conditions for collaboration shooting

Are you interesting in collaboration shootings?. photographer Dimas Frolov photo 428
Photo by Samui Photographer - Dimas Frolov

I took this text from Wikipedia. It sometimes changing, so I'll put it here with my comments.

  • “The model is responsible for the wardrobe and makeup” Unless otherwise agreed with the photographer. (sometimes the clothes are provided by the photographer or stylist, but then the model will be notified in any case).
  • The photographer is responsible for the location or studio and equipment rental (meaning the choice of studio and equipment). Related costs are carried out by mutual agreement (together, only the model, only the photographer).
  • The photographer is responsible for printing pictures, recording CDs and/or shipping costs. I do not print photos, and give photos only in a digital form.
  • Each participant is responsible for his own transport. Usually I have some transport and I can always take someone with me. But it's better to discuss in advance.
  • The photographer receives a signed release of the model to use the photos for portfolio, printing or commercial purposes. This is desirable but not mandatory. I personally prefer everything to be signed on paper.
  • The model can use photos only for her portfolio.
  • The photographer selects the best photos, retouches them and sends to the model. The number of photos is determined by me personally in the selection of materials in each case. Usually it is about 10 photos. If I like more, I do more.
  • The amount of editing also depends on the photographer. I don't give away raw photos. The minimum is color management. The maximum is complete retouching. The level of processing is again determined individually after the selection of photos from each photo shoot.
  • The total time for selecting, retouching and transferring photos to the model can vary from one week to a few months. The term of processing should be discussed. Usually it is less than a few months. But, first of all, commercial orders are processed.
  • Theme and wardrobe requirements are discussed before shooting in person, via phone or e-mail.
  • Some photographers provide images only in low resolution (for posting on the Internet), others provide high-quality images for printing. If it is important for you to get full-size photos, this ought to be discussed in advance. Usually I give both.
  • The photographer may require that all photos posted online contain a watermark (to prevent image theft) and a link to the author. Yes. Necessarily. If you are against this, then let me know in advance. Otherwise, I will assume that you have been warned.
  • The model may not sell the photos to any website or send them to magazines / Internet contests etc without permission.
  • If the model is under 18 years old, parents are usually required to attend a photo session and sign a children's release.
  • The photographer can set rules about whether the model can bring a guest to participate in a photo session. If you have any suggestions about this – report them before shooting. Most often, during the shooting on site should not be spectators. Sometimes on the set there are stylists, makeup artists-but it's not the audience, but the participants of the shooting process. their presence on the set is also often discussed in advance.
  • For other participants of TFP shoot (stylists, makeup artists, etc.))

    If this is not agreed in advance, all participants receive only the photos that the model receives. So if you wanted a photo of “сlose up, where you can see the make – up", "back to show her hair in all its glory" or "full-length dress, because it is fine" – tell me about it in advance. I don't mind taking pictures like this. And even to process them for you (within reasonable limits of course), but you have to understand that if you do not tell me about it – I will not guess about it. Do you need a good photo where you participated in the creation of the image? You get them.

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    If you have read to the end

    So, if you have read to the end of this text, then you might be interested. If you have a desire that I took pictures of you – it's great. I am always glad to meet new people and experiment.

    Text me, show me your photos, so I understand how you look, tell me a little about yourself and of course the most important thing – describe your ideas for shooting. Because I can't come up with ideas for you without knowing you. Perhaps after the first shootings scenes Ill be able to offer something or we'll come up with them together, but for now, I’d rather hear your thoughts and suggestions. Cheers.

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