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Post cover image: Is a Surprise Proposal Good or Bad Idea?

Is a Surprise Proposal Good or Bad Idea?

Date of publication: 06 Apr 2023

Want to propose to your partner? You're in the right place!

Proposing to your significant other is one of the most romantic and memorable moments of your life, but it can also be a daunting task. Here we will talk about the different ways of proposing and their advantages and disadvantages.

How is it going? He, she, dinner, ring, I do!

Is a Surprise Proposal Good or Bad Idea?. photographer Dimas Frolov photo 1857
Photo by Samui Photographer - Dimas Frolov

He had been preparing for weeks.
He hid the ring and invited her to dinner.
They talked like any other day, but then he got down on one knee and asked, "Will you marry me?".
She said yes, tears streaming down her face.
They hugged, excited for their future together, always remembering that special moment.

Familiar story, right? I could say it was very standard and even a bit boring.

No-no, please, understand me correctly. Proposal offer is a really romantic and cute act. It needs a lot of effort from a man to do this. Decision, preparing, acting. Not each man can do it, really.

But I believe you can make this moment more unique and memorizable.

Different scenarios of proposal

If you're thinking about proposing to your lover, you might be considering different scenarios for that special moment. First of all I mean decisions about the kind of place. Private or public.

  1. One option is to have a private proposal, where it's just the two of you and no one else around. This can make the moment more special and private for you and your partner, without any interruptions or outside distractions.
  2. Another way is doing proposals is doing it in some public place, such as a restaurant or view point with an amazing background.

In the case of a public place you can ask someone to take pictures/videos of this moment. It could be the waiter or manager of the place where you do the proposal. Or some of your friends who just will be nearby and be ready to do it.

However, if you want to capture this moment for eternity, then hiring a professional photographer is the better decision. A photographer can capture every emotion and tear of joy on your partner's face as they say "Yes!". A professional photographer also can help you select the perfect location for your proposal, provide guidance on timing and lighting, and ensure that you get the best possible shots.

The Difficult Part of Organizing a Proposal

Planning a proposal is an exciting and romantic time, but it can also be difficult to keep it a surprise. You want your partner to feel relaxed and confident and do not stressed, but it's also important to keep the proposal a surprise and you do not reveal the idea. One way to do this is to carefully deliver your requests to her, such as:

  • inviting her to a non-obvious proposal location,
  • asking her to dress nicely,
  • suggesting that she do her hair and makeup.

If you decide to go with the classic way of proposing, there are several important questions that you will need to answer. For example:

  • What is the perfect location for your proposal?
  • How many people will be around at the time of your proposal?
  • Will there be a place for the photographer (friend, staff, etc) to hide and capture the moment?

And of course how will you invite your partner to the location without arousing suspicion? By carefully considering these questions and planning ahead, you can help ensure that your proposal is a success and that your partner feels cherished and loved.

A Clever and Easy Way to Organize a Proposal

So, consider inviting your partner to a romantic photo shoot. This approach has a huge list of advantages:


Is a Surprise Proposal Good or Bad Idea?. photographer Dimas Frolov photo 2058
Photo by Samui Photographer - Dimas Frolov
  1. She will be prepared with makeup, a hairstyle, because she will know this is for a photo shoot and also a photographer can help to find a professional artists to help her.
  2. She will choose the best outfits and style for photo shooting. And with professional guidance from a photographer you will be sure that she will feel confident and comfortable at the important moment.
  3. She will be ready to see a photographer next to her all the time, so she won't be surprised by a stranger appearing from nothing and jumping around. Which will help her feel more relaxed and comfortable during the shoot. This will result in more natural and beautiful photos.
  4. You can select the location wherever you want, and you don't need to think of a reason to bring her to a "hidden place". Because the reason “it’s for a photoshoot” explains a lot. Also a photographer can help you choose the perfect location, based on your preferences and the aesthetic you're going for.
  5. A photographer will be your assistant for preparing the proposal. Selection place, deliver flowers, organization transport, everything what you will need.
  6. A photographer will be your assistant during the whole proposal day, creating a romantic mood, hiding the ring box and giving it to you at the right moment.
  7. A photographer can help manage extra things, such as setting up a dinner table on the beach, musicians, or delivering flowers right after the proposal, coordinating all of the details of the proposal, so that everything runs smoothly and you can focus on enjoying the moment with your partner.

But really, a photo shoot is a smart way to organize a proposal. With the help of a pro photographer, you can make it a truly unforgettable experience for both you and your partner.

Possible issues of a photo shoot as a cover

Having a staged fake photo shoot to propose has its benefits, but there are some things to keep in mind:

  1. If your partner isn't comfortable being photographed, it might not be the best way to propose using a fake photo session.
  2. Organizing a photo shoot as a cover for a proposal can also increase expenses, as it requires hiring a photographer, arranging for the perfect location and any necessary props or decorations, and possibly additional services such as hair and makeup.
  3. It might be hard to work with a photographer who is not familiar with the area, and this could make planning the proposal harder. It might be easier to use a photographer who lives close to where you want to propose.


In conclusion, proposing to your loved one is a special and memorable moment. However, if you want to capture this moment forever, then hiring a professional photographer is a must. A professional photographer can help you plan the perfect proposal and capture every emotion of your partner's "Yes!" moment. Remember, proposing is a big step, so make it count!

photo: Dimas Frolov
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