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Post cover image: Artistic Bride Portraits from Koh Samui

Artistic Bride Portraits from Koh Samui

Date of publication: 31 Dec 2018 | Updated: 25 Jan 2024

For a day as significant as your wedding, it is natural to want to replay the moments over and over again. Having a professional wedding photographer is key to capturing and preserving these beautiful moments. When a father entrusts his precious daughter to a stranger, knowing that he will be the new pillar of her life; when an ailing grandmother watches her grandson marry the girl of his dreams, and is brought back to memories of her own wedding day; when two people come together and embrace their imperfections and past mistakes, and make a commitment to go through life together; everything comes together as a mix of bitter and sweet. And it is my aim to capture these nuances that make every wedding different – and beautiful.

You are planning to get you bride photos in Samui, Thailand or anywhere else in Southeastern Asia? I would be thrilled to be your wedding photographer and kindly invite you to view my latest work in bride photography and weddings in general.

I prefer contemporary style of shooting, with less staging, but communication with model is still important and I proud myself for ability to create a proper mood and help anyone to 'open" in front of the camera, despite possible fatigue and anxiety which are not rare at weddings.

Key considerations

When taking bride photos, several important factors contribute to capturing beautiful and memorable images. Here are some key considerations.
  • Communication: Effective communication between the bride and the photographer is vital. Discuss the desired style, mood, and specific shots in advance. Understand the bride's preferences and any unique aspects she wants to incorporate – that is one fo important things about good quality wedding bride photo.
  • Lighting: Wedding photographer has to pay attention to lighting as it greatly affects the overall look and feel of the photos. Mostly I prefer to use natural light whenever possible, but I'm prepared to any situations, if needed.
  • Poses and Expressions: I guide the bride in posing, using my skills to help her look natural and comfortable. Through gentle instructions, I ensure flattering angles and poses are achieved. I strive to capture a variety of poses, from traditional to candid, showcasing the bride's unique personality and elegance. During the wedding photo shoot, I encourage the bride to relax and express genuine emotions, resulting in authentic and emotive photographs.
  • Attention to Details: When I photograph a bride, I meticulously pay attention to every detail of her attire, accessories, and hairstyle. I make sure to capture close-ups of the wedding gown, jewelry, bouquet, and other elements that contribute to her stunning appearance.
photo: Dimas Frolov
About the Author

Portrait photographer based on Samui, Thailand.
Originally from Ukraine, he has over 15 years of photography experience taking pictures around Europe and Asia. Multi-Award winner and author of many articles about photography.
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