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Post cover image: Samui Location for photo shoot: Mimosa Beach (Ban Tai)

Samui Location for photo shoot: Mimosa Beach (Ban Tai)

Date of publication: 05 Aug 2017 | Updated: 24 Jan 2024

Samui Location for photo shoot: Mimosa Beach (Ban Tai). photographer Dimas Frolov photo 1940
Photo by Samui Photographer - Dimas Frolov
Secluded and enchanting, Mimosa Beach (or Baan Tai) on Samui Island is the perfect place for those seeking tranquility and romance, far from the noise of city hustle and bustle. Mimosa Beach is located on the northern side of Samui Island, away from densely populated areas. Known for its pristine white sandy shores, clear turquoise sea, and lush tropical vegetation, this beach is perfect for unforgettable photo sessions.

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Beach Features:


Despite its northern location, Mimosa Beach offers the opportunity to capture sunset shots "along the shore". Unlike photographs where the sun simply sets into the water, these shots also capture the beach, leaning palm trees, and even boats adorning the shore.

Lots of Leaning Palms

Samui Location for photo shoot: Mimosa Beach (Ban Tai). photographer Dimas Frolov photo 1305
Photo by Samui Photographer - Dimas Frolov
Mimosa Beach impresses with its number of palm trees, creating a beautiful green alley that gives it a special appeal. These leaning palms make the perfect backdrop for photography and create a cozy atmosphere on the beach.

Beautiful Water Color

One of the main features of Mimosa Beach is the beautiful color of its water. It sparkles with various shades of blue and green, creating a unique scene. This is the perfect place for those who love to photograph unique natural phenomena and capture the beauty of the moment.

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Clean Soft Sand

The soft sand at Mimosa Beach invites guests for pleasant walks and comfortable relaxation. It is ideal for relaxing, sunbathing, and beach games. Moreover, the clean sand creates ideal conditions for shooting landscapes and beach photos.


Samui Location for photo shoot: Mimosa Beach (Ban Tai). photographer Dimas Frolov photo 1318
Photo by Samui Photographer - Dimas Frolov
Mimosa Beach is not only composed of sand, but it also has rocky areas that add variety to the shoot and create unique frames. These areas can be used for experimenting with composition and adding interesting elements to photos. Mimosa Beach has a small rocky cape, offering a magnificent panoramic view. This is the perfect spot for creating beautiful panoramic shots that will please the eyes and be remembered for a long time.

Increasing Number of Visitors

Every year the beach becomes more and more popular. Even though it is located away from densely populated areas, it is best here in the morning to avoid too crowded conditions. However, there is a large number of people only during the high season (January-April).

High Tides

January-March is not only the high season when a large number of tourists come, but it is also a time when this beach becomes very narrow. The water comes right up to the shore and it is often impossible to stay on the beach. But for photographs, this is sometimes just what you need, so consult with a photographer and find out the current situation. Perhaps a "palm over the water" is just what you need.



  • Lots of leaning palms
  • Beautiful water color
  • Clean soft sand
  • It has rocky areas on both sides that allow for a variety in shooting
  • There is a cape, from which beautiful panoramic shots can be taken
  • Has many points for shooting even at high tide


  • Getting more and more crowded
  • Some palms fall and there are fewer of them
  • Very high tides in the winter period

Mimosa Beach is a place that offers unforgettable natural beauty and the opportunity to enjoy beautiful moments against the backdrop of unique landscapes. Despite the increase in visitors and strong tides, Mimosa Beach remains an attractive place for photography. I invite you to visit this beach to enjoy its beautiful merits and create unforgettable photos that will amaze you and your friends for a long time.

photo: Dimas Frolov
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