Villa Mia. Destination Wedding Photography

Date of publication: 10 Mar 2017

We had a great day when had been shooting the wedding of Roma and Lena on Samui. But let's take first things first.

The scene was a wonderful Villa Mia. It is a cozy wedding venue situated on one of the headlands of Koh Samui.

The bride was charming. I arrived when she started to do the makeup. The team of Polina Pak Studio worked kind of “four hands”.

The atmosphere was relaxed and I didn't have to intervene in the essential course of events. In addition, the organization of the event was conducted by the staff of “Marry Me On Samui”, the activity was in full swing in many places at once, and I made every effort not to miss anything that is happening.

It was raining, but it didn't affect the mood of the newlyweds at all.

The ceremony began immediately after the preparations.

It was held on the beach, on a small cozy area of lawn grass.

You can appreciate the beauty of the ceremony space - everything is decorated with fresh flowers and showered with petals.

White and green, very nice, refreshing combination.

Villa Mia. Destination Wedding Photography. photographer Dimas Frolov photo 989

Under the sounds of live saxophone father walked his daughter down the aisle and handed her to the groom.

The guests were crying (as usually, when Kate is conducting the ceremony).

And it was very sweet. After a glass of champagne we had about an hour before a sunset.

And we decided to walk along the beach, where many more gentle and sincere photos were made. Then there was time for Thai music and traditional dances, gala dinner, and of course it all ended with a gorgeous fire show.

My best wishes to the newlyweds and thank you, that I was given the opportunity to carry out another wonderful wedding in Koh Samui, Thailand.

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