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Getting ready photos. When and how much

17 Dec 2015
It is only about shooting people. Processing portraits takes several times more time than architecture, landscapes, etc., since this is coupled with basic retouching. It includes all kinds of wrinkles, pimples, spots on clothes and skin, the correction of unsympathetic zones in the body shape, and unwanted items got into the shot.

How is the wedding photo shoot in Thailand?

13 Mar 2015
If before the culmination of the wedding was considered a registration in the registry office, and the "coolness" of the occasion was measured by the number of guests, but now the emphasis had shifted to emotional, romantic, creative and stylistic plane.

Not a dull wedding!

31 Jul 2010
Everyone imagine in mind own wedding as a real holiday - the day bright and happy. But often this day is realised inverse. Vanity, stress, organisational chores - that's true companions modern wedding. And with that we should fight