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Location for shooting: Nathon City

6 Aug 2017
This is the oldest part of the city. Many buildings, narrow streets and an indescribable atmosphere of the Thai market. And, of course, the embankment and piers. On which you can meet the sunset or look at the departing ships.

Location for shooting: Mimosa Beach

5 Aug 2017
This beach looks very impressive. It is bounded on both sides by rocky shores. Azure water and a large number of palm trees. Just a few hotels and resorts for the whole beach give room for creativity. However, lately more and more people have started to learn about this beach, which makes it difficult to shoot in a tropical style.

Location for shooting: The Crab House

5 Aug 2017
Located high in the mountains, the Crab house looks like something incredible accomplished. Huge claws, incredible view from the mountains. It's all easily accessible and allows you to make incredible photos. In the same complex are the signs of the zodiac. 12 figures of all signs located in a circle, decorated with small ponds with flowering lotus.