Not a dull wedding!

Date of publication: 31 Jul 2010

Everyone imagine in mind own wedding as a real holiday - the day bright and happy. But often this day is realised inverse. Vanity, stress, organisational chores - that's true companions modern wedding. And with that we should fight

it is not necessary to order a "wedding" - we know that not everyone can afford it, and wedding day in the end is unlikely to get less busy.

Can only give you a few tips from their point of view as a photographer.

Wedding photography is not necessary and even harmful spending on the wedding day. Time constraints, mental workload, the crowd of relatives at the same time with the man who aims at you lens, – all this is not conducive either to the sense of celebration, nor to the obtaining of good, original material.

should Not be invited photographer for the entire wedding day. At least, during the feast, he will definitely be superfluous. First, you can save yourself money (if payment of the photographer's hourly). Second, a professional is needed to all your friends fainted from delight, made your wedding album or photo book. And the beaming faces of relatives who pronounces a toast, for sure." Alternatively, the photographer stays with you until the first dance. And the wolves and the sheep are well fed.

the most interesting Thing can happen after the wedding. Sometimes even after the honeymoon. You have a beautiful dress that you never wear. Sorry, that was missing. Now, it can be used for extraordinary photoshoot that probably no one would dare on the wedding day.

Imagine how you are proud to show the pictures to their grandchildren: one young grandparents in their wedding clothes splashing around in the pool; on the second – frolicking horses or, smeared from head to toe with colored inks, they play paintball.

Yes, why during the wedding walk to visit the monuments – you did thousands of people. And now do, unfortunately. And you be more original.

About the Author

Portrait photographer based on Samui, Thailand.
Originally from Ukraine, he has over 15 years of photography experience taking pictures around Europe and Asia. Multi-Award winner and author of many articles about photography.