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Destination Chinese Wedding in Koh Samui

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If you don’t love Chinese weddings — you’ve never been at the Chinese wedding! This one was conducted in the Intercontinental Hotel and there were about 100 guests invited. By the way, if the number of guests is over 60, you might want to hire at least two photographers to provide uninterrupted stream of pictures from all over the place.

The classic Chinese wedding consists of several stages.

Bride and groom dress up separately, surrounded by their friends and relatives. The traditional colour of bride’s dress is red.

The next comes bride price. The maids of honour challenge the groom’s knowledge of his future wife and make fun of his male companions. The last challenge is to find bride’s shoes.

After that, young people show respect to their parents, offering them tea, and get their blessings and gifts. When traditional part is over, the bride and groom change costumes and there follows western-style ceremony with arch, vows, cake and party.

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