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Wedding Shaban and Yana

Date of publication: 24 Jun 2015 | Number of views: 4230

the Specifics of working with agencies is that often the first meeting with clients going directly to the survey :) Knock on the door - opens a smiling guy. I said, “Privet!” and he said "Hello"! )), And, turning into the room, “This guy said “Privet”, maybe he thought me to be a Russian :)”

And so it was an acquaintance with these wonderful guys. It turns out that he is Egyptian, and she is Russian. Living now in Dubai. Met and fell in love with each other. As they told me - paper tape when making marriage of two foreigners in a third country has led to the process lasted for a whole year. But to have the wedding of their dreams, they decided on Koh Samui.

This is the first pair (that I shot) that communicate in the language (English), which is not native to neither of them. And, it seems, the guys did not bother. Photographing their wedding was very simple and fun. When people truly love each other - not to hide and not to fake :-)

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